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Alisa Diane Anderson

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Saved In The City is a series about four friends who are trying to navigate their lives with Godly morals and standards, while experiencing real life situations that would cause anyone to forsake what they’ve learned, and go straight for what feels right, even if it means doing what some would call the “unthinkable.” Saved in the City takes place in Atlanta, Georgia and tackles issues that most Christians deal with within the African American community. Though the series is not a religious program by a long shot, it touches on how spirituality and religion play major roles in how people live their lives, balance their lives, conform their lives, and the struggle that lies within. The series is designed, to progress season after season with relevance and the ability to encourage, heal and educate people on what it looks like when you love, and what it looks like when you hate, in the hopes that people will embrace the message and initiate a call to change all the while being entertained.

                                                                     - SEASON ONE -

HAROLYNN, a super smart well kept Accountant aspiring to secure a high paying position in corporate America, her sister LA’NAY, a down to earth, free spirited pre-school teacher, CAMERON, a reformed ghetto girl from the West End turned cosmetologist and mom of one, and BRIA a super “Holy” church girl struggling to balance her everyday life with every word of the bible, are four best friends who rely on each other to get through the ever pressing obstacles that life has to offer, but when life begins to happen to them simultaneously, not only are their relationships challenged, but their belief in God comes into question as decisions are made that go against what they’ve been taught to believe and grown to understand.