Alisa Diane Anderson


          At an early age, Alisa showed signs that she would indeed become a star. Entertaining was something that she loved to do. At family reunions, Alisa and her cousins would sing and dance, and at home she was always writing poetry and short stories of which she would have anyone who would, participate in performing them. In school, she was always in a show choir or drama class, and relished in her competitive ability to consistently win and stand out as an amazing athlete. So it wasn't a surprise to her family, when Alisa would call home and invite them to plays and productions that she was putting together while a student at the University of Cincinnati. However, what was a surprise, was when Alisa made the decision to enter into the entertainment field as her choice career. After spending five years earning a degree that Alisa's family thought would secure her a stable future, in 2005, with a few small productions under her belt, Alisa set out to create a production that could be compared to the likes of her role model Tyler Perry. Alisa used everything she had to secure a prestigious well respected venue, generated a script, composed and wrote five original songs, put together a stellar band and cast, and for nine months, she began shaping and molding what would later be known as the stage play "Go Get Your Life Back". In 2006, “Go Get Your Life Back” graced the stage of the prestigious Aronoff Theater in Cincinnati, Ohio to a nearly sold out audience. A few years later Alisa followed it up with “Secrets…What’s Swept Under The Rug?”, which traveled with rave reviews. The latter, pushed Alisa to make a move that she felt would help her further her career in the entertainment industry, and in the spring of 2008, Alisa relocated from Cincinnati, Ohio to Atlanta, Georgia. 

          In a city dubbed as the “Black Hollywood” Alisa was sure that she would advance herself; she just had to find her way. While trying to find her niche, Alisa began to network, and found herself on the set of Hattie Lemon’s “Atlanta Homicide” and Tyler Perry’s “Why did I get Married Too.” Though acting takes a back seat to Alisa’s love and passion for writing and directing, she knew she had to start somewhere, and that's what she did. Continuing to network, in 2011, Alisa brought her stage play “Secrets…What’s Swept Under The Rug?” to Atlanta, and once again it was a huge success. Though theater plays are where Alisa got her start, being exposed to the film and production side of entertainment started Alisa’s hand at writing screenplays and film scripts. So, in addition to the four stage plays Alisa has written, directed and produced, “Go Get Your Life Back” (2006-2008) “Tomorrow’s Not Promised” (2007-2009), “Secrets…What’s Swept Under the Rug”(2009-2011), and “Nia’s Journey” (2016), Alisa has written 3 inspirational faith based screenplays “Fighting Destiny”, “My Redemption” and “Caught Up,” a made for TV pilot entitled “Love-Jones,” a short film "My First Love" (available on Amazon Prime), and is currently in the post production phase of her first original series “Saved in the City” which is in it's second season, and slated to be released November 2019. Alisa’s determination to combine her faith and entertainment is an ability that for her wasn’t learned, but rather God given and God breathed. Her talent brings a fresh wave of inspiration, motivation and encouragement to her audiences everywhere and she is definitely a force to be reckoned with. 

            Presently, Alisa resides in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband Darnell, and their three children Darshaya, Jameel and La'Shay, where she continues to write, adding to her library of completed works and laying the foundation of her business entity, which she appropriately named ASILA Production Company (pronounced Ah-Si-Lay), which is her name spelled backwards.