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What happens when you find out that life as you know it has drastically changed with one false statement and/or one untrue word? What happens when the stories of your youth catch up with you and threatens to dismantle everything you've worked so hard to build?

​Allure, a successful case worker, longs to be in a relationship. With high morals and standards, the dating pool hasn't proven to generate the desires of her heart. However, when a blast from her past resurfaces, will he posses enough magic to capture her heart, or will what she perceives as lies and manipulation leave her lonely for yet another season of her life?

Blair, a happily married successful attorney working her way to the top, finds that balancing the demands of her career and trying to satisfy her husband's desires to start a family is driving her insane. When an unexpected event occurs at her job, and it forces her to reevaluate her life's dreams, she begins to put more thought into starting a family, but her absenteeism from home and unraveling deception pushes her husband to the brink.

Countess, is a single mother of a rebellious teenage daughter (Zora), who takes her through every emotion one can experience on a daily basis. Between her daughter and her no good boyfriend, Countess relies on her best friends Allure and Blair, for moral support and a balance from her crazy life. When tragedy strikes her daughter, the paralyzing drama rips apart her relationships with everyone she loves.

In this riveting novel, three best friends Allure, Blair and Countess, also known as the "ABC Trio", move vicariously through life, trying to achieve all that life has to offer them, however when lies, deception and manipulation begin to surround them, their friendships collide into it's first breaking point. The pressure mounts and culminates into an unlikelyand untimely catastrophic event that no one expects.

The Lies We Tell - Digital File

SKU: 09878
  • Book comes as a downloadable pdf file.

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