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Past Productions

Nia's Journey

W.O.E. Turns 30: Nia's Journey highlights the accomplishments and advancements of the Women of Excellence (W.O.E.) ministry founded by Dr. Debra B. Morton Pastor of Greater St. Stephen Full Gospel Baptist Church (New Orleans) and Co-Pastor of Changing A Generation Full Gospel Baptist Church (Atlanta) over the span of 30 years. We watch as our main character Nia, navigates through life from infancy to adulthood as she battles the struggle of following Christ and believing in a God that she feels has allowed her to lose so much. The play touches on the issues of abandonment, death, love, drugs, hope, faith and redemption.

Nia's Journey

Secrets...What's Swept Under The Rug?

4 generations of women co-existing under one roof proves to be very challenging as everyone tries to move past their own individual insecurities, shortcomings and hang-ups, under the scrutiny of the matriarch of the family “Nana”. Nana has had high expectations for her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, attempting to right wrongs with every new generation, but her inability to deal with her past indiscretions while pointing the finger at everyone else’s, causes her to come face to face with her skeletons in a way that causes everyone’s secret’s to be exposed. 


The play deals with Sex, Drugs, Abuse, Molestation, Absent Fathers and Strained Mother Daughter relationships.  

Go Get Your Life Back 

Lady’s roommate is moving out leaving her in need of another. After agreeing to room with a mutual friend Tomesha she finds herself in constant battle with her convictions and everything that she believes to be true.


This play deals with abortion, abstaining from sex until marriage, friendship and finding trust in God amiss turmoil. 

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